Myofascial Pain

Ultrasound Guided Dry Needling For Treating Myofascial Pain


One of the best therapies for myofascial pain is ultrasound which is guided by needling. This is one of the best therapies which will help the person to eliminate the pain condition. This kind of pain starts at the muscles and this is most common disorder. Ultra sound guided dry needling is the best approach which helps the person get relief for long time.

UGDN for treating myofascial pain

Myofascial PainUGDN- Ultrasound Guided Dry Needling this is a treatment in which myofascial pain is treated. This treatment helps in resolving the pain. In this method the dry needle tries to focus on the manipulation of the soft tissues using a needle and no medicine is injected into the person’s body. Fascia means the tissues which are surround the muscles. Causes of Myofascial pain are many like injury, muscular ischemia, and trauma and over use of the muscles or any metabolic disorders. The pain Myofascial starts in the muscles and the tissues which are connected to it. To relieve from pain, trigger point therapy is given. The trigger point treatment success totally depends on the localization as well as the difference from passive and active triggers. This can be done with the Ultrasound technology. The Elsatography is for locating the triggers which are active. The Elastography helps in visualizing the density of the tissues. A person when has trigger point symptoms are there will be tenderness in the palpated area and the person feels weakness in the muscles and there will be fatigue. The person may also feel pain throughout the body after the trigger areas are manipulated. There will be limitation in the flexibility. The ultrasound guided dry needling is effective as there is stimulation of the nerves as well as tissues physically and there is no medication of injections. Electric stimulation is caused in the muscles when thin needles are inserted. This response is called Localized Twitch Response.  When this activity is done the tissues will function normally.

UGDN procedure and its function

The usage of ultrasound in the modality of therapy is done in Ultra Sound Guided Dry Needling. This helps the therapists to locate the MTrp points which are active. In this treatment, needles are inserted in specific locations and the ultrasound imaging is seen at the same time along with the active trigger points. This helps in giving the best treatment. This ultrasound guided dry needling is effective as the therapy is done with guidance and this is done till the LTR is completed. The functional field do not check for the palpation and the clinical history of the patient. While they determine the distribution of pain, check the spinal joint with overloading testing, look for the spinal movement coupling and deficiency of the spinal stability. They look for the physical areas where the ultrasound observation is done.