Writing Strategies to Rank Your Brand-New Website on Google


Congratulations on having a brand-new website. However, there are still many things that you need to consider to keep it running and ranked. Your goal here is to be the number one site, especially on Google where billions of searches are made every day.

Keep in mind that if you’re ranked number one in Google, 40% of Internet users will likely click your website. 30% will click your website if you’re ranked second and 24% if you’re ranked third. You may notice that the percentage slowly dwindles as you go to the bottom of the page. This goes to show that majority of search engine users only click on one of the top three or five suggestions in the results pages.

Now you understand the value of ranking. The ranking is a key factor in any SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. It should not be underestimated. You have to understand that SEO can help your business grow by meeting your business objectives. It’s essential for your success because it seeks to improve the usability of a website as well as user experience. On top of that, SEO can also put you ahead of the competition.

For your brand-new website, you should never forego quality content as it’s the main driver of search engine rankings. Knowing that here are some writing strategies to help you rank number one on Google:

Starting title tags with appropriate keyword


With appropriate keyword and channeling massive amount of traffic, your site will be on the Google search results page. However, the inappropriate keyword can diminish your site’s chance to prominence. You have to understand that the title of the article will define the content and a keyword rich title will be highlighted with Google. You can search competitive keyword in Google.

Dropping keywords in the first 100 words

As mentioned earlier, quality content is the main driver of search engine rankings. You can consider wac, or you can personally create content and optimize it by dropping keywords in the first 100 words. Remember that quality content will increase site traffic and expand your site’s relevance.

Adding keywords to post purposefully

Aside from dropping keywords in the first 100 words, you can also consider adding keywords to post purposefully. This is critical in the success of the post as well as the net traffic of a website. You can consider putting the keyword once or twice in the opening and closing paragraph then 2-4 times throughout the remaining content. Search engines continue to become more refined, and it’s not enough to randomly put articles with keywords and pray for relevance.

Posting long content

Studies revealed that posting long content could help improve your site’s ranking on Google. For instance, 2,000 words or 1,000 words can result in long-tail traffic. This will inevitably boost your website’s exposure. Aside from that, long content also helps in adding more keywords. Keep in mind that the authenticity of a post will increase with longer text. Google will recognize it as more relevant than shorter texts. Writing articles is daunting. Aside from making sure that grammar is impeccable, you also need to grasp the people’s attention. The perfect article is elaborate and grammatically correct.